Toilet soap production line

//Toilet soap production line
  • XDA-120 Automatic Toilet Soap Stamper Stamping Cutting Machine Supplier,The soap stamper is the molding equipment of soap and transparent soap production line. It was redesigned and improved in the original XD-120 soap printer. The friction coefficient of the new linear guideway is only 1/20 of the original cast iron V-type guideway. The printing transmission parts are enlarged, and the printing power is increased. The maximum machining capacity is 300g thick soap block.
  • XT-series Vacuum Toilet Soap Strip Bar Cutting Making Machine for Sale. The soap extruder has the stripping function of producing low-fat laundry soap and high-fat soap. Due to the structural improvement of the reducer, the modification of the cooling system and the cylinder, the screw structure becomes more reasonable, the whole machine has low torque, uniform pressure, no return material phenomenon, high output, simple operation, reduced labor intensity, intelligent control and automatic control. Protection devices, so that the equipment life greatly improved.
  • The soap grinder is equipped with three rollers in the horizontal direction. S260 Tri roller Soap Grinder, Grinding Machine from China Manufacturer. Through extrusion and grinding at different speeds, the raw materials are grinded twice and the grinding fineness is 3-18 um. The roller is made of high quality alloy material.
  • S125A Toilet Soap Stirring Mixing Machine, Liquid Oil Soap Mixer, the soap mixer is mainly used for mixing soap sheets in daily chemical production. It can also be used for mixing semi-powdered and non-thick materials in other chemical industries. The device has simple structure and long service life. All contact parts with soap material are made of high quality stainless steel.