The can seamer has 6 seaming rollers,this combination include two seamers,one overturning device and conveyors,it could be used by all type of tin can factory,such as food,food oil,paint and lubricant oil factory.This machine is mainly used for 3-4L rectangle cans(it could adjust as per client requirement),customer could buy any part of the combination as per need.
This machine is steady,simple and easy to operate.It controlled by PLC with low noise and long life.Embracing device drived by servo motor and ball screw,so the precision is high and seaming quality is high.
Ⅱ.Major technical parameters
Output capacity (cans/min) 20-25
Diagonal line(mm) 160-190
Can height (mm) 115-390
Thickness of tinplate(mm) ≤0.4
Air pressure (mpa) 0.3-0.5
Motor type Y100L1-4 2.2
First conveyor(mm) 1500
Second conveyor(mm) 2000
Size (mm) 1200×860×2000
Weight (T) 1.5