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Jiangxi Brilliant Industrial Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary company of Jiujiang Yixin Technology Co., Ltd which located in the Yangtze River and the golden dragon Beijing-Kowloon Railway golden interchange, the famous summer resort of Lushan in the northern foot of Jiujiang city area. Is a collection of scientific research, design, production, sales and service as one of the machinery and equipment export suppliers.

Brilliant staffs in the factory

What Customer Says

In 2017, we purchased a full-automatic production line for small round can, which was equipped with two can sizes. The technical team of Yixin Company also taught the maintenance way of the production line after our company passed the commissioning. The current use is very stable.

Loli , Vietnam

Our company purchased 18 liter square can production line in 2014. Yixin Company has given us great support and help in technical details, so that the cans we produced are very competitive in the Indian market.

Halim , PW Co. Ltd , India

A total of two production lines, closed drums and small round tanks, were purchased. From pre-sale professional technical communication, production communication, after-sale debugging and maintenance. We both cooperate very smoothly and happily! Yixin company is very professional!

LIU , KJCF Co. Ltd , Uzbekistan

Our company knows Yixin Company through the global professional industry exhibition. This company has a great influence in China. The customers they cooperate with are all large enterprises in China. As an experienced enterprise, we are confident that we can cooperate with Yixin. We hope that they can perform better and better and provide us more favorable and competitive equipment.

Timothy , DKO Co. Ltd , Philippines

We found Yixin Company through Alibaba Network Platform. Although there is no face-to-face communication, we feel them very professional through professional communication and professional service. So we chose Yixin and have cooperated with them for three years. Professional advanced can making equipment and professional technical guidance make our products more and more competitive.

Hongping Co. Ltd, South Korea

Latest News

Foreign customers visit the production line in the customer factory.

外国客户参观客户工厂的生产线。他们对我们公司的生产线非常满意。他们已经取消了两条生产线的订单!感谢您的信任!该生产线是专为食品罐,化工桶设计的自动制罐生产线,具有噪音低,速度快,易更换罐的特点,集自动罐立,自动翻边(伺服电机),自动盖为一体。送料,自动底封,自动换向,自动顶盖封口,是制罐厂的首选产品。亿鑫设备将销往世界各地!亿鑫科技请随时与我们联系!电子邮件:[email protected] 联系人电话:+ 86-7928382828 / 8352066 Https:www.canmakingmachine.net 话题标签#canmakingmachine 话题标签#tincanmakingmachine 话题标签#automatictincanmakingmachine 话题标签#半 -automatictincanmakingmachine 话题标签#roundtincanmakingmachine 话题标签#roundtincanmakingmachine 话题标签#smalltincanmakingmachine 话题标签#machineformakingtincan 话题标签#tinplatetincanmakingmachine 话题标签#beertincanmakingmachine 话题标签#食品制罐机