Automatic Conical Pail Production Line

This line is suitable for 10L-25L convenient drum automatic making ,After the can body comes out from the resistance welding machine,The machine then integrates automatic tapering、automatic flanging、automatic curling、automatic beading、automatic bottom lid sealing to be a whole.

What is a conical pail?

It is made of three pieces of metal sheet (mostly tinplate), the body, the bottom and the lid of the Cans. The cans is conical. The tank body has two ribs, Range of drums: capacity 20-25l, diameter 200-300mm, height 150-480mm.

Working processof automatic conical pail production line

Cutted can body tinplate automatic placed all over body forming device of the resistance welding machine, the vacuum feeder line will be sent one by one to the feeding roller, The tinplate slab through the feed roller to the deflection roller bending processing, then roll into the forming device into cylindrical body, body is fed into the resistance welding machine, After welding, the cans body is automatically sent to the material receiving frame of the welding line coating machine. There are two schemes for users to choose, spray type and roll coating type, which are mainly used to prevent the welding seam from contacting the air and causing rust.

When the can body is transported to the conical pail can body combination machine, and the cans body is in an upright state through the vertical tank device, and the screw moves back and forth, screw reciprocating.. The first operation is cans body expanding. When the cans reaches the place, the cans tray is controlled by the servo motor and the cans is fed into the expanding mold. The second process is pre-flanging The third process is curling. The upper flanging mold fixed on the machines, the lower mold in the cam under the action of the cans hold up the flanging and curling. The fourth process of expansion tendons. After completing the above four processes, the conveyor belt will send the can body to the sealing machine for sealing process.After the sealing is finished, it is pushed out to the automatic double-head spot welding machine, and through the automatic welding seam welding detection device, CAM conveyor belt transmission, mechanical broken paint, and equipped with automatic lug vibration plate, to complete the precise spot welding on the pails.

Equipment composition of full-automatic production line of big square can

Full automatic welding machine

Full automatic coating machine
Major parameters
Linear rate of welding 6-21m/min
Production capability 15~38Cans/min
Applicable can diameter Φ220~Φ300mm
Applicable can height 250~450mm
Applicable material Tinplate steel-based
Applicable material thickness 0.25~0.42mm
Seam welding landing 0.8mm 1.0mm 1.2mm
Seam point distance 0.5-0.8mm
Applicable copper wire diameter 1.5mm 1.7mm
Cooling water Temperature 12~18°CPressure:0.4-0.5Mpa Discharge 12L/min
Compressed air consumption 400 L/min
Pressure of compressed air 0.5Mpa-0.7Mpa
Power 380V±5% 50HZ
Total power 63KVA
Packed Dimension 2300x1800x2000mm
Packed Weight 2500Kg

Full automatic coating machine

Full automatic coating machine
Major parameters
Applicable tank diameter Φ52mm*Φ350mm
Applicable tank height 60-600mm
coating speed 10-45m/min
External repainting width 10-16m/min
Compressed air 0.4MPA/CM2
equipment power 50/60Hz P=400W
voltage UVW 380V 50/60HZ
Dimensions(L*W*H) 1800*600*1300mm
Total Weight 500kg

Electromagnetic drying machine

Electromagnetic drying machine
Major technical parameters
Model GDCHG-286-8
Coneveyor speed 5-30m/min
Coneveyor type Flat chain drive
Can hight range 200-400mm
Heating type Induction
Effective heating 800mm*8(30cpm)
Highter heating 1KW*8(temperature set)
Frequency setting 80KHz±10KHz
Electro.Radiation Protective Covered with safety guard
Sensing distance 5-20mm
Induction point 40mm
Induction time 25sec(410mm H,40cpm)
Rise time Distance 5mm 8 sec&280℃
Cooling induct.coil No require water/air
Voltage & Frequency 380V +N ﹥10KVA
Machine dimension 7500*700*1420mm
Gross weight 700KG

Full automatic can body combination machine

Full automatic can body combination machine
Major parameters
Production capacity (cans/min) 25-30
Diameter (mm) 200-300
Can height (mm) 230-460
Thickness of tinplate (mm) ≤0.5
Air pressure (mpa) 0.5
Motor power (kw)
Front combination machine (kw) 33
1 sets of can seamer (kw) 3.5
Conveyor (kw) 2.15
Size (mm) 11000×1650×2880
Front combination machine (T) 7
1sets of can seamer (T) 3.5
Convyor (T) 1

GT4B30 Automatic can sealing machine

1-5L Automatic can sealing machine
Major technical parameters
Production capacity (cans/min) 25-30
Diameters(mm) 200-300
Height (mm) 230-460
Thickness of tinplate(mm) ≤0.4
Air pressure (mpa) 0.3-0.5
Motor type(kw) Y132S-4 5.5
Front conveyor frame (mm) 3000
Size (mm) 2200×1200×2800
Weight (T) 5

Blue Bucket Medium Frequency Welding Spray Handle Equipment

1-5L Automatic can sealing machine
Major technical parameters
Range of can bodies Blue bucket
Range of can height 220-480mm
Capacity per minute Up to 3opcs/min
Power required 50 KW
Floor space &overall 3900×2900×2400m
Net Weight abt. About3100KG
Lubrication system Manual lubrication
Height of input station 840-1000mm
Speed control Fixed speed
Compressed air required o.4Mpax10L/min

The layout of the production line

The layout of the production line

Tin can making artcraft

Tin can making artcraft

The following products are produced by this equipment

Full AutoCan 1-5L Rectangular Can Production Line Application (1)
Full AutoCan 1-5L Rectangular Can Production Line Application (2)
Full AutoCan 1-5L Rectangular Can Production Line Application (3)
Full AutoCan 1-5L Rectangular Can Production Line Application (4)
Full AutoCan 1-5L Rectangular Can Production Line Application (5)