Tin packaging is one of the most common forms of packaging. It is a recommended method for packaging food products such as soft drinks, soups and spices. They are also used for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and other products. Brilliant Industrial is the company of choice when it comes to buying quality tin can packaging machines.

The reason behind their wide use is the fact that they offer numerous advantages unlike other methods. In this post, the advantages and disadvantages of tin can packaging will be discussed. Continue reading to learn more.

Advantages of Tin Can Packaging

Increased Shelf Life

Compared to other options such as steel and aluminum, tin simply offers an increased shelf life. It is due to the tin material which does not react to the food material. While on the other hand, steel and aluminum can easily corrode the food depending on its acidity and even destroying it. This is the reason why containers do not use anything besides tin since other materials cannot be used for the storage of pharmaceuticals, drinks and soups. Tin can packaging ensures that the food is stored for long and retains its goodness.

Easy to Handle (Lightweight)

You probably have noticed how easy it is to handle tin cans since they are lightweight. Weight is a critical issue when it comes to transporting packaged products over a long distance. Most service providers charge a transport fee that is based on the weight of the goods being shipped. Anyone looking to reduce the cost of production would consider cutting transportation costs which could only be done if a lightweight alternative was available. Tin cans are a great substitute and help reduce transportation costs.

Strong and Rigid

When it comes to tin cans, they offer great flexibility for packaging due to their strength and rigid features. Even when subject to high impact, these types of cans will maintain their original shape. Therefore, if you want to avoid the problem of deformed cans and are looking to reduce expenses related to stock returns, then tin can packaging is the way to go. They allow for different forms of transport methods to be used ad ensure that the can remains in good condition until it reaches the end consumer.

Flexible Packaging

One of the best things about tin can packaging is the fact that it allows for extremely flexible packaging. Due to its various properties, the tin material provides high strength and rigidity which offers high flexibility for packaging.  Easily rearrange these cans whichever way you want in order to transport them through various means of transport while retaining their condition. Other types of cans are more likely to easily get deformed.

Disadvantages of Tin Can Packaging

Packaging Acidic Products

The main disadvantage of tin can packaging is that it cannot be used for packaging extremely acidic products just like any other metallic can. It is due to the fact that tin is corrosive and the packaging of the acidic products would certainly cause a reaction which would destroy both the can and the product. Therefore, tin cans are not suitable for acidic products.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Tin Can Packaging

Advantages and Disadvantages of Tin Can Packaging