Advantages of metal cans? What is the difference between metal cans, glass bottles and plastic bottles?Compared with glass, plastic and paper containers, TIN CAN has the following outstanding features

1.The advantages of TIN CAN

(1) Excellent barrier properties Metal packaging containers can not only block gases such as air, oxygen, water vapor, carbon dioxide, etc., but also can block light, especially block ultraviolet light, so it will not cause deliquescence, deterioration, decay and fading of the contents  change.

(2) Excellent mechanical properties Because metal packaging containers are rigid and easy to handle, they can withstand collisions, vibrations, and stacking, which is convenient for transportation and storage, which greatly increases the sales radius of goods.

(3) Good thermal conductivity The high efficiency of heating and cooling by using food metal cans can improve the effect of high temperature sterilization and rapid cooling, and it is possible to cook the contents in the can.

(4) Good processing adaptability Due to the good ductility of the metal, it can achieve high precision and high speed production for complex forming processes. For example, the production speed of a three-piece tinplate production line can reach 360 cans / min. Such high productivity allows metal containers to meet a large number of consumer demands at a lower cost.

(5) Convenient to use The metal packaging container is not easy to be damaged and easy to carry. Now many beverage and food cans are combined with easy-open lids, which has increased the convenience of use to adapt to the fast-paced life of modern society and is widely used in tourist life.

(6) Beautiful decoration Metal containers generally have a beautiful metallic luster, which is accompanied by colorful graphic printing, which adds to the beauty of the product. Because of this, people often prefer to use metal containers for gifts when giving gifts.

(7) Hygiene and safety Due to the use of appropriate coatings, metal containers fully meet the requirements of food containers for hygiene and safety.

(8) Disposable and easy to handle Metal containers can generally be recycled and recycled after being used up. It not only recycles resources and saves energy, but also eliminates environmental pollution. Even if the metal is scattered in the soil after rusting, it will not cause bad effects on the environment.

(9) It has good shielding performance. The protective packaging for high-tech electronic equipment can no longer stop at basic protection functions such as moisture resistance, mildew resistance, rust resistance, and shock resistance. When electromagnetic waves penetrate sensitive electronic devices in the device, their effects are much like electrostatic discharge, which will cause the electronic components to fail, making the device unusable. The good shielding performance of the metal packaging container makes it have the functions of anti-electromagnetic and effective protection of high-tech electronic equipment. This function is of great significance in the military.

(10) Magnetic permeability Since steel containers are magnetically permeable, they can be transported using magnetic force. Disadvantages of metal packaging containers

(1) Poor chemical stability It is easy to rust under the action of acid, alkali, salt and humid air. This has limited its scope of use to some extent. But now using a variety of excellent coatings, this disadvantage can be compensated.

(2) Poor economy, that is, the price is more expensive. This shortcoming is also being gradually improved through technological progress.

The properties of metal packaging containers and several other material packaging containers are listed in Table 1-1 for comparison and understanding.

Advantages of metal cans? What is the difference between metal cans, glass bottles and plastic bottles?