Metal packaging products for the implementation of circular economy in the packaging industry

Metal containers packaging is capital intensive and technology intensive industry, its main features are: long shelf life, easy to carry, impact resistance, and the metal itself is environmental protection material which can be recycled, compared with other packaging materials such as plastic, ceramic, it has a good ability of recycling and is to meet the requirements of national circular economy development.

With the sustainable development of China’s national economy, the rapid development of upstream related industries will promote the metal packaging industry out of the trough.Oil and grease chemical industry, petroleum products, medicine, food and cosmetics industries, such as the demand for metal barrels, cans will grow exponentially.In recent years, the industrial output value of the metal packaging industry has exceeded 40 billion yuan, accounting for 8.13% of the total output value of the packaging industry.

Metal packaging products with steel as the main raw material, in the proportion of product costs can reach 70% ~ 80%;In the printing iron and coating production process, the energy demand is also very large.So, metal packaging industry basically belongs to the large resource consumption and energy demand.

According to the idea of circular economy, to truly realize the sustainable development of metal packaging industry, the following aspects should be done well:

First, due to the large demand for metal packaging resources, consumables, products need to implement the reduction.Advocating the use of thin iron and thin steel plate as far as possible under the principle of not affecting quality, which not only saves resources, but also helps to reduce costs;

Second, large energy demand, energy consumption ratio.Metal packaging industry in the production of energy demand is also very large, such as in the metal tank printing iron and metal drum painting production, because it needs to be dried, so it needs to consume a lot of electricity, natural gas, coal or oil and so on.

Third, clean production should be carried out because of the large amount of environmental pollution.In the production of metal packaging, there are serious environmental pollution problems.Promote green packaging manufacturing process, reduce environmental burden from the source.

Fourth, there are many recycling problems.What we need to do is to improve China’s scrap metal packaging recycling policy, with new technology to support the recycling of renewable resources.

Fifth, the production capacity is higher than the output, resulting in a serious imbalance between production and demand, resulting in a waste of resources allocation.It is the opposite of the conservation-oriented society advocated by the central government.Investment in fixed assets is too fast and overheated, equipment has been idle for a long time, and daily maintenance costs and expenses have been increased.

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