Future of metal printing industry: a review of the development trend of metal printing technology

As one of the four major packaging materials, metal packaging ranks behind paper packaging and plastic packaging in terms of scale, and takes the lead over glass packaging at the same time.In 2017, there were more than 1,500 metal packaging and printing enterprises.The following technological trends will drive the transformation and upgrading of the industry and ultimately shape the future of plastic metal printing.

1. Printing equipment trend: multi-color high-speed, environmental protection and energy saving, high level of automation control

Metal printing capacity is seriously excess, it can be predicted that the future of traditional two-color printing will gradually exit the stage of history, and multi-color high-speed, environmental protection and energy saving, as well as high level of automation control of the printing press will occupy the absolute advantage.At present, the printing speed in intermittent feeding mode cannot exceed 6000 sheets per hour. Therefore, the realization of high-speed continuous feeding has become the goal pursued by printing equipment enterprises.

2. Application of new technologies

Although metal digital proofing compared to the traditional proofing used before, digital proofing on paper greatly improved the efficiency, but there is always a color difference between the paper and iron samples.The digital metal proofing technology has achieved a breakthrough from digital to metal samples, reducing the deviation between paper and metal samples, shorten the proofing time, the future can be based on the establishment of metal printing color management system.

3. Green raw and auxiliary materials

As the national environmental protection policies and regulations become stricter, more green, environmental protection, energy saving and low emission materials will obviously be favored by the metal printing industry.Uv-curable materials with the rapid development of multi-color UV printing, UV ink consumption has already exceeded the traditional ink, the future will continue to rise.Compared with external coating materials, coated materials can adopt relevant technologies to achieve zero VOCs emissions, while internal coating is fraught with difficulties in this respect.

4. Environmental protection and energy saving

With the increasingly stringent national environmental protection policies, metal packaging enterprises should pay attention to this issue.It is suggested to scientifically evaluate the existing production process and equipment, and determine a reasonable environmental protection treatment method, so as to achieve the goal of energy conservation and environmental protection, in line with the policy requirements, but not lead to high operating costs and make the enterprise embarrassed heavy burden.

5. Food safety

With the continuous improvement of people’s attention to food safety, the food safety of packaging materials is highly valued, and the update speed of food hygiene standards and regulations is getting faster and faster.Since other authors have described it in detail, it will not be repeated here.

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