Disadvantages of Metal Packaging

Since the beginning of the 21st century, life has considerably changed due to its universal consumer approval and versatility. The metal packaging has been there in the market for a rather long time, despite the changes in the market trends. The industry has constantly been on the move to innovation and research to try out new designs and sizes in order to conveniently meet the needs of the customers.

Metal cans that have been made mostly of steel, tin or aluminium can be a great investment and asset when it comes to protecting the food and store it, as well as for beverages over a long period of time. Metal containers on the other hand are made with the aid of a can making machine. There are many advantages over other packaging methods when it comes to metal packaging as it has many advantages such as durability, resistance to high temperatures that provide stability throughout the processing. There are certain cons of this method as will be discussed in this post.


The main disadvantage of steel is that fact that it is vulnerable to corrosion and that is what causes the metal to deteriorate. Rust is an example of corrosion. It impacts the quality of the product and has an adverse effect on the food content. This is what causes the food to go bad.

Acidic Foods and Aluminium

A big challenged faced by the soft drinks industry is that there is corrosion of soft drinks that are in aluminium cans and it results in losses in money. Furthermore, metallic elements also cause severe health complications in food. Acidic foods like tomatoes could be significantly affected by aluminium in case metal is used for storing them. This results in ruining the taste as well as the quality of the food.

Content Is Not Visible

Canned foods are normally sealed and it is due to this reason that it is hard for anyone to be able to see whatever content is inside. It makes it difficult to make the right choice as one can easily pick a can which has food content that is not desired and it poses a huge challenge for end consumers. This is why transparent packaged products are preferred.

Moderately Heavy Packaging Material

Unlike other packaging materials like plastic, steel is quite heavy. This is what makes it an expensive packaging choice due to its construction process. It makes cans more expensive depending on the quality that is used for the material.

Multiple Manufacturing Steps

Several complicated procedures in the production line are involved in manufacturing metal as well as several input materials. Different machines are also involved which makeup the can making machine like the splitting machine, seaming machine and others.

Advantages of Metal Packaging

At the end of the day, despite the disadvantages of metal packaging, there are advantages of metal packaging as well such as the fact that they are more durable as compared to other metals that are used for packaging of foods.

Most Common Can Defects When Using a Can Making Machine

Most Common Can Defects When Using a Can Making Machine