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Tinplate box is used as packaging gift box, which is more expensive than the paper box, but still loved by businesses.What makes broad businessman abandon cheap carton, plastic to wrap?Let us check what advantage tinplate box has in craft, printing, anticorrosive ability.

Tinplate tin can is commonly known as tin can or tin box, tinplate box made of tinplate material is tinplate (also known as tinplate is commonly known as galvanized tin plate, English abbreviation is SPTE).A tin can is an iron surface coated with tin.Tin ACTS as a protection against corrosion and rust.Tinplate combines the strength and formability of steel with the corrosion resistance, solderability and aesthetics of tin in a material, which has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, non-toxicity, high strength and good ductility.

1. Tin cans can be used as packaging to show the high-end and high-end selling points of products.

It’s popular due to the good printing performance, the production of a variety of box types, the design and printing of exquisite patterns and engraving.

2. Tin can has good sealing property and can effectively prevent nutrient loss.

Good sealing, good confidentiality can avoid oxygen invasion, avoid rapid loss of protein, effectively reduce the breeding of toxic bacteria.

3. Tin can is opaque to avoid adverse reactions of food and beverage caused by light

Storage of fatty foods, if exposed to light, it can lead to deterioration of oxidation reactions, resulting in protein, amino acid changes and a large loss of vitamin C.

4.The reduction of tin in tin cans helps preserve nutrients better

Tin on the inner wall of tinplate ACTS with the oxygen remaining in the container during filling help to reduce the chance of oxidation of food ingredients.

5. Tin can has good mechanical properties and is not easy to break

High strength, good rigidity, not easy to break.It can be used for small sales packaging, but also the main container of large transport packaging

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