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Sulfur soap

In a broad sense, sulfur soap refers to soap containing sulfur, which is a kind of sulfur contained medicine soap. It is made by adding refined sulfur to plain soap.Sulfur itself has the pharmacological activity of sterilization and insect control, and the surfactant effect of sulfur and soap can be better dispersed to play a pharmacological role.

An overview

Due to the addition of sulfur in the soap base, hydrogen sulfide and pentachloride sulfonic acid can be produced in the bath with bactericidal effect.There are four types of soap by color.Generally speaking, red pharmaceutical soap is the most irritating to skin, because its additive is phenolic compounds, most of which are red, commonly known as lysol soap.Yellow medicine soap with sulfur shows yellow color, smells sour and has certain irritation.Brown green medicine soap with Chinese herbal extracts, often dark green or dark brown, can purge pathogenic fire and detoxicate. Boric acid soap is usually white, its irritation is relatively small, in the four types of soap properties of the most mild.

The main role

It combines various ingredients and functions to remove dandruff and relieve itching. It is both moisturizing and refreshing. It is a series of healthy skin products.Sulfur soap can inhibit the secretion of sebum, kill bacteria, fungi, mildew, mites and parasites, etc. For people who are in adolescence, sulfur soap is one of the most appropriate soaps for skin cleaning, but it should be kept in mind that it should not be used repeatedly.

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