soap grinding machine

soap grinding machine soap grinding machine soap grinding machine

Special function

The special function, has certain prevention and the auxiliary treatment function to some skin diseases.Sulfur soap is a detergent.Sulfur soap has the effect of killing bacteria, fungi and mites, and has certain prevention and adjuvant treatment effect on some skin diseases.Sulfur in the soap has antiseptic effect, which is mainly to make the water slightly alkaline after generating sulfide in the water, and then use the alkaline environment to kill bacteria. At the same time, due to the PH change of water, sulfur soap is good for human skin in hard water areas.Sulfur soap cleans the body and removes dandruff and itching.Long-term use can prevent and cure skin SAO urticant, scabies, beriberi, body odor to wait for a disease.

Application of life


Sulfur itself has the pharmacological activity of sterilization and insect control. It is mixed with soap to have the effect of inhibiting facial fungi and mites and reducing the generation of acne.

When washing your face at night, you can first apply the sulfur soap on your face for a while, just like using a mask. It will take about 15 minutes to rinse, and you will see the effect immediately.Wash your face with sulfur soap every day, and you can basically eliminate or reduce acne in about a week.

Acne skin, generally belong to oily slant acid, sulfur soap wash a face is alkali to neutralize acid skin, inhibit the growth of bacteria, and should not be used for a long time, and acne is a skin disease also need to suit the governance, and red blood skin is thin and sensitive, treatment recommendations so as not to cause other symptoms of beauty.

soap grinding machine