soap making machine

“Soap” knows (One) about soap making machine

I. classification of soaps

There are two types of soap.Oil + alkali = soap + glycerin

Fatty acid + alkali = soap + water (fatty acid is oil + water made under high temperature and pressure)

Soap is called soap.There are two kinds of soap: laundry soap and soap.

Soap is divided into mechanism soap and “handmade soap” (people usually call it). In fact, technically speaking and scientifically speaking, handmade soap is made by pouring method.The pouring method includes ripening method, reduction method and cold soap making method。

2. Difference between soap made by machine and soap made by pouring method

Mechanism soap =80% fatty acid sodium +20% water

The reason why it soaps and dries is because the glycerin is removed during the process of making it.

Because the glycerin makes the soap soft, the machine can’t shape it.The mechanism soap is 80% fatty acid sodium, 20% water,

So use up to feel dry, excitant big.It can’t be dissolved. It has little solvent.

Castable soap =30% soap +20% water +50% moisturizer

Casting of soap soap usually contains 30%, 20% water, 50% of the moisturizing factor, so it’s good cleaning mechanism of decontamination ability didn’t soap (because soap content low.) moisturizer is a general designation, mainly in glycerin, glycerol can absorb the moisture in the air. In addition, soap with sugar also can have moisturizing effect, sugar also absorb the moisture in the air.

soap making machine