The new oval-shaped seafood aluminum cans are launched, and the sealing is more convenient, reliable and fast

The New Oval-shaped Seafood Aluminum Cans Are Launched

Recently, Glud & Marstrand has launched an oval Hansa aluminum can, which has the characteristics of convenient and reliable sealing and higher sealing speed, which enriches its seafood packaging series.

The Hansa cover is designed with a fully pre-edged, anti-rotation rivet pull tab, offering seafood processors a fast and robust closure option and a user-friendly pull tab design.

The fully pre-edged edge completely eliminates the need for pre-rolled edge during the sealing process, allowing for more reliable lid bonding, allowing for easier and more reliable sealing, resulting in increased sealing speed. At the same time, it reduces the risk of sealing errors, ensuring high quality and greater safety, the latter being key considerations for winning the competition in the market.

A more reliable seal thanks to the use of an improved sealant type, as well as the application method – will ensure greater accuracy in glue application and positioning.

Hansa cans are available in 170ml and 198ml sizes.

Glud & Marstrand is currently the only supplier able to offer special-shaped aluminium seafood packaging covering Club, Dingley and Hansa, all oval aluminium cans featuring an easy-open solution with full prefabricated edges.