Did you know that about 65% of tea packaging in my country is shipped in tinplate cans? Tinplate cans are so ubiquitous that they have become the preferred packaging materials for many brands and industries, especially the tea packaging industry. Why? Due to its high-end price and high hardness, tinplate is one of the most readily available metal packaging options!

8 Advantages of Tinplate Can Packaging

The following are the 8 advantages of tinplate cans:

1. Maximum protection of tinplate cans
Tinplate cans are stronger than ordinary paper and plastic. They can provide a stable cushion for any product carried during transportation and handling. The size of tinplate cans can vary according to size and thickness. Tinplate cans are designed to prevent moisture and bacteria from entering the inside of the product, which is especially important for foods that must withstand a long transportation time.

2. Tinplate cans are easy to customize
The tinplate can packaging is easy to customize. You can ask the tinplate can manufacturer to design a customized packaging box according to your personal business needs.

3. Tinplate cans are cost-effective and sustainable
Tinplate cans are some of the cheapest packaging options. They do not need high labor costs or any expensive tools to make boxes. In addition, tinplate cans are easy to recycle.

4. Tinplate cans are very suitable for brands
Brand promotion can customize tinplate can packaging materials to help you increase the company’s brand and brand awareness. A custom brand is a great way to impress customers because it looks more professional and means business. You can also choose to give your packaging a personal style, which is bound to win the loyalty of customers and make them come back again.

5. Tinplate cans are biodegradable
Tinplate cans are made of 97% recyclable materials, making them one of the most environmentally friendly green packaging materials. Tinplate cans are easy to recycle, reuse and dispose of because most tinplate can manufacturers do not use any bleach or dyes.

6. Lightweight tinplate cans
If you happen to manufacture or ship heavy products, then you may not want to increase the weight and shipping costs of products with heavy packaging, right? Tinplate cans are strong and convenient, so it is advantageous here. Lightweight also makes it very convenient for shoppers, especially when there is no need to pay additional shipping costs without sacrificing product safety.

7. Tinplate cans are recyclable and reusable
Tinplate can packaging is one of the most recycled materials on the planet. The tinplate can itself has a feature that other packaging materials do not have-it can be adsorbed by magnets, so that the magnetic separator can be used to separate the cans from the waste by magnetic force. This feature can be used to easily achieve the recycling of garbage. 80% of the effect of iron cans. The invention of the environmental protection cover not only makes the use of iron cans safer and more hygienic, but also effectively reduces the amount of garbage, which has direct and obvious benefits for recycling operations.

8. Tinplate cans provide flexibility
Tinplate cans can be made into various sizes, either two-piece cans or three-piece cans to provide more protection. Tinplate cans can be used to package many different products, making it one of the most flexible packaging options on the market today.