When consumers buy tinplate cans, food cans, and chemical cans, they can choose from the following aspects if they want to buy high-quality products.

Appearance quality requirements:

(1) The outer height H of the round empty can is equal to the finished product specification, and the outer height H is 0.2~0.3 mm.

(2) Various round empty cans should meet the hygiene requirements of the food industry.

3) The tank body and sealing crimping of the empty tank should be free of rust. The corners and light signs of the buns are not obvious. Uncoiling requires uniform marking, good uncoiling, no bad markings and welding tongues.

(4) The tin layer or plating on the inner wall of the empty tank must not have serious scratches and mechanical damage, but some slight noises that do not make a sound after filling the contents should be allowed.

(5) The main patterns and characters of the iron logo printed on the outside of the jar must not have serious scratches and mechanical damage. If it is scattered in a small amount and does not affect the appearance, non-primary patterns are not allowed.

(6) The paint on the inner wall of the empty tank will not fall off and will not burn. After the sterilization test, the inner wall coating does not change color and does not fall off.

(7) After the sterilization test, the external printed iron trademark does not fall off, the coating film has no obvious difference, and maintains good gloss.

(8) Empty cans should be free from serious collision and edge curling damage caused by mechanical collision.

(9) There must be no serious bumps in the flange of the empty can.