An overview of the typical manufacturing process of three-piece tin metal packaging containers

There are two kinds of three-piece cans, cylindrical and special-shaped, and the forming process is basically the same.According to the different manufacturing process of the can body, there are three kinds of pressing can, bonding can and welding can.The difference of these three kinds of cans is that the processing method of the side seam of the can body is different.And can bottom,can lid, and can bottom and can lid and can body combined processing method is the same.

(1) pressure can.The can body of pressure and join can is to use the technology of old fashioned cut Angle, end fold, press flat to make, basically use at sealing the food jar that the requirement is not strict, but use less now.

(2) adhesive pot.The body of the adhesive can is manufactured by the technology of longitudinal seam bonding with organic adhesive.The melting adhesive, coating on the tank body lap joint or hook joint, after heating, pressure, cooling, so that the joint is closely bonded.There are two kinds of adhesive pressure and adhesive layer.

(3) welding can.Welding can is a metal can made by welding sealing the longitudinal seam of the can body.There are two kinds of welding methods: tin welding and resistance welding, among which tin welding has lead pollution problem, which is basically eliminated by resistance welding pot making process.

(4) can lid (bottom).Regardless of the method of making the can body, the process of making the top (bottom) of the can is basically the same.

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