Semi-automatic can sealing machine“China’s metal packaging industry has a huge space for development and faces multiple challenges and opportunities in the future.”China packaging federation technology container committee chairman said in an online interview recently.

Metal packaging containers refer to thin-walled packers made of metal sheet.It is widely used in food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, instrument packaging, industrial packaging, arms packaging and other aspects.Among them, the number used for food packaging is the largest.The largest user of metal packaging in China is the food industry. At present, China’s metal packaging market shows the trend of oversupply, but from the analysis of per capita consumption, there is still a large space for development.China’s metal packaging industry chain in the whole packaging industry has a huge space for development, but the future development is also facing four challenges and opportunities:

1. Low industrial concentration and no scale effect create expansion opportunities for industry integrators.

2. Homogenized competition, insufficient innovation ability and prominent opportunities for product design innovation.

3. With the continuous rise of raw materials and serious waste of resources, the cost innovation benefits of weight reduction and consumption reduction will be very prominent.

4. Lack of brand building, high dependence on the downstream, standard setters will have a real discourse power.Customer satisfaction is not equal to the industry brand, grasp the terminal consumer market, creating value for customers, can lead the development of the industry.    Semi-automatic can sealing machine  Semi-automatic can sealing machine  Semi-automatic can sealing machine

Semi-automatic can sealing machine