Recently, Videojet Corporation of the United States has developed a special ink – V539 pink fluorescent ink, which is specially formulated for dual use – requiring both machine-readable fluorescence and human eye recognition codes.

Available on Videojet’s ultra-high-speed inkjet presses, the new inks contain a visible dye that creates machine-recognizable, visually-distinguishable codes on multicolor substrates.

The V539 is said to have unique coding features that enable automatic product verification and ensure correct product routing throughout the supply chain. Videojet says these features help increase productivity and increase uptime.

Sherry Washburn, head of supply at Videojet, explained: “The new inks are specially formulated for dual use – both machine-readable fluorescence and human-eye recognition codes. When exposed to UV light, the fluorescent dyes are excited radiates red light.”

The new ink dries in just 2-3 seconds and is said to exhibit excellent adhesion on substrates such as metal, glass and certain plastics, and is best suited for coding beverage bottle crown caps, aluminum can bottoms, and For retrospective and more areas.