This automatic production line used for big square cans manufacture,suitable for cans from 18-20L.widely used in mass production of square cans.
Ⅱ.Main advantages
1.Automation with servo motor control
2.Touch screen interface.
3.Malfunction auto detective
4. Simple and easy adjusting.
5.High productivity.
Ⅲ.Major technical parameters
Application Scope
Capcaity(cpm) 20
Can Diagonal(mm) 300-320
Can Height(mm) 220-400
Thickness of tinplate(mm) 0.25-0.35
Total Power(kw) 36
Can Seamer(Two Set)(Kw) 7
Conveyor(Kw) 2
Assemble Line(mm) 3000×1200×3000
Can Seamer(mm) 1500×1500×2200
Conveyor(Four Set) 10m
Assemble Line(Kg) 10000
Can Seamer(Two Set)(Kg) 7000
Conveyor(Kg) 1000