Automatic Feeding Double Head Ear Welder Machine For Tin Can Production

1-5L small square can full-auto can body combinational machine

1.Automation with servo motor control
2.Touch screen interface.
3.Malfunction auto detective
4. Simple and easy adjusting.
5.High productivity.

Capcaity(cpm) 25-30
Can Diagonal(mm) 160-220
Can height (mm) 120-360
Thickness of tinplate(mm) 0.3-0.5
Total Power(kw) 20
Can Seamer(Two Set)(Kw) 4.4
Conveyor(Kw) 2
Assemble Line(mm)) 2650×950×2000
Can Seamer(mm) 1200×860×2000
Conveyor(Four Set) 8m
Assemble Line(Kg) 8000
Can Seamer(Two Set)(Kg) 5000
Conveyor(Kg) 1000

1-5L small square can full-auto can body combinational machine01

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