Automatic Feeding Double Head Ear Welder Machine For Tin Can Production

Automatic conical round tin can electromagnetic drying machine oven

The electromagnetic drying production line adopts high frequency induction drying, This automatic conical round tin can electromagnetic drying machine with oven saves more than 80% energy than traditional drying. The exhaust gas extraction system is adopted to meet the requirements of environmental protection and optimize the production environment. Servo control system and frequency conversion speed control are adopted to control precision. Man-machine interface in Chinese and English, modular storage of parameters, easy to operate, with fault self-diagnosis function, safe and reliable .

Model GDCHG-286-8 GDCHG-180-6 GDCHG-286-15
Coneveyor speed 5-30m/min
Coneveyor type Flat chain drive
Can hight range 200-400mm 52-180mm 200-400mm
Heating type Induction
Effective heating 800mm*8(30cpm) 800mm*6(30cpm) 800mm*15(30cpm)
Highter heating 1KW*8(temperature set) 1KW*6(temperature set) 1KW*15(temperature set)
Frequency setting 80KHz±10KHz
Electro.Radiation Protective Covered with safety guard
Sensing distance 5-20mm
Induction point 40mm
Induction time 25sec(410mm H,40cpm)
Rise time Distance 5mm 8 sec&280℃ Distance 5mm 6 sec&280℃ Distance 5mm 15 sec&280℃
Cooling induct.coil No require water/air
Voltage & Frequency 380V +N ﹥10KVA
Machine dimension 7500*700*1420mm 6300*700*1420mm 15000*700*1420mm
Gross weight 700KG 850KG 1300KG

Automatic conical round tin can electromagnetic drying machine oven

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