Ⅰ.   Function
The automatic line is made up of a combination of one machine, one sealing machine and conveyor rack etc.The can body will automatically stand,expand,flange,curl,bead, seal buttom lid integration after welded by seam welder,comprehensive implementation of the mechanical and electrical integration.It can be used in sealing tinplate can  of can making factory.Such as: packaging cans of various food, cooking oil,  paint,engine oil etc.This automatic line is mainly used for sealing of 16L-20L conical pail(can make a small amount of adjustment according to the needs of users).The whole line has high automatic degree,and the main motor adopts frequency conversion motor with convenient adjustment. The whole line is operated by the PLC control with stable equipment performance and simple operation.The main parts are controlled by the servo motor.The positioning precision is high because the holding can mould is drived by ball screw.The can sealing machine adopts 8 sealing rollers,it can be used for 5 layer sealing, and also can be used for 7 layer sealing. Sealing quality is reliable.
Ⅱ.Main advantages
1.Automatic Control System with servo motor control
2.Touch panel man-machine interface
3.Automatic fault detection system
4.Simple and reasonable structure, and convenient operation and adjustment.
5.High production efficiency
Ⅲ.Major technical parameters
Production capacity(cans/min)25-30
Can height(mm)230-460
Thickness of tinplate (mm)≤0.5
Air pressure(mpa)0.5
Motor power(kw)
Front combination machine(kw)33
2 sets of can seamer(kw)7.55
Front combination machine(T)7
2 sets of can seamer(T)3.5